Animating History: SGT. STUBBY Characters Find Their First Voices

Production begins officially with scratch vocal recordings in historic Columbus, Georgia

Led by consultant director Dan St. Pierre (Aladdin, The Lion King, Tarzan) and accompanied by writers Mike Stokey (Band of Brothers) and Richard Lanni (The American Road to Victory), the Fun Academy team set out to find the perfect location to officially move the film from “development” to “production” with a scratch vocal recording of the screenplay.


While performances delivered on a scratch track may not wind up in the final film, our animators now have character references to translate the written page into the moving picture.

To find voices for Robert Conroy and his battle buddies, producers searched for a place that had professional audio production resources, quality talent to breathe life into the script, and a supportive atmosphere to understand the film’s goal of both high-concept entertainment and military history education.

Stubby’s squad, including his handler Robert Conroy and poilu friend Gaston Baptiste, as well as recent German immigrant Schroeder and platoon misanthrope Olsen

The scratch cast includes the voices of actors Nick Rulon, Jim Pharr, and Johanna Cabatingan from the Springer Opera House; Janis Beck and Dale Giefing from the Columbus School of Music and Dance; musician Jason Ezzell; voiceover/public speaking instructor Brian Cook; and Fun Academy’s own Jordan Beck and Richard Lanni.


Columbus, Georgia has long been known for its connection to the military through Fort Benning, the home of several U.S. Army schools, but did you know that the Fountain City is also home to a thriving arts community?

“Places like the Springer and The Loft have always been about showing the world what Columbus has to offer. We’re glad to add another great project to our community’s artistic heritage.”
Paul Pierce, Springer Opera House artistic director

From the state theater of Georgia to one of the region’s premier schools for the performing arts – as well as a lively independent music and art scene – Columbus’ talent pool was at the full disposal of the Sgt. Stubby team. The scratch sessions were hosted at The Loft Recording Studios, located in a 100+ year old building similar to those Conroy and his doughboy companions would have recognized from their own hometowns.


Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is an upcoming computer-animated feature film based on the incredible true story of America’s most decorated dog. After being rescued off the streets by a young Soldier on the eve of World War I, Stubby is given a home, a family, and the chance to embark on the adventure that would define a century. For his valor and courage, Stubby is recognized as the first dog promoted to the rank of Sergeant in U.S. Army history.

Starring Logan LermanHelena Bonham CarterGérard Depardieu
Music by Patrick Doyle
Animation by Mikros Image

The film is slated to theatrically debut on April 13, 2018. For exclusive production updates, follow Stubby’s big screen adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest!

Sgt. Stubby marches into theaters April 13, 2018!


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